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ooh ahh just a lil' bit


I'm now just completely mentally and physically exhausted.

My dad is an absolute wreck and no matter how old you are, seeing your father sobbing hysterically will ALWAYS turn you into a wreck yourself. Now everything is just getting sticky and stressful and full of details which makes it so much worse. You'd like to think that something as awful as death would bring family together and really make them re-evaluate their lives and learn to really gather to get through it. Sadly, it brings out the worst in some people and having to just sit back while my Aunts try to swoop in and get anything with monetary value while my Grandmother is still in her house, while we wait for the detectives to leave.

So, my Great Aunt Audrey and my Grandma are best friends, that do everything on schedule and by the book. They call one another every single Saturday morning at 10am Idaho time. They take turns, and alternate by week. It was Audrey's turn to call and when she did she heard nothing at all. Figuring Grandma may have had plans she forgot about (Audrey knew Claire had been in town for our dad's big birthday and we'd been spending time together during the week) she didn't really think much of it. Grandma also never goes an entire day without returning the call. As of Sunday night Audrey had kept calling to hear nothing so this morning around 8am she called up my dad, our cousin Tischa and Julie (she was in a panic and to be safe just called everyone and if the voicemail came on, she'd try the next family member on this list.)
My dad is the only one that has an extra house key so when he rushed over to her house this morning, my cousin Tischa and her two kids were already there, Tischa had just been waiting in the car until my dad arrived.
They unlocked the door, my dad walked in and began calling her name and peeking into doors, when he found her. He walked into her bedroom, and there she was... She was sitting in a chair next to her bed, naked but with her shoes on and laced up. Her bra was in the kitchen floor and her clothes were just strewn around.
Tischa's kids were in the car with her husband Tracy and sadly before my dad could block her so she wouldn't have to see our grandma in such a sad state, she walked in behind him and fell apart.

He called 911. The cops, paramedics and coroner arrived. Because she had been naked and her underwear had blood on them, the detective had to come to take pictures of the scene (we did learn that she had a very small cut on the back of her head and she likely just grabbed underwear to put over the cut) They did say the cut wasn't what killed her because there was hardly any blood/no pooled. We find out tomorrow what the cause of death was...
Dad is a wreck, clearly. When he closes his eyes to attempt sleep, all he sees is her body and so guilty that she was alone when she died. It shouldn't be that way..

She WAS 90 but she had the health of someone in their 70's...We saw her on Sunday for dad's party and she looked great. We had dinner with her on Monday and she showed no signs..


my god, adria. how awful. i'm so sorry. i don't know what to say.