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ooh ahh just a lil' bit


I didn't realize how long it had been since I made a proper update. Since Grandma passed away, which was months ago. (It is odd, though.. How something so huge, something I thought I couldn't go a day without trouble breathing over, has already moved into months.) I haven't really spoken to my family since the funeral and service.. We were never that close anyway and Grandma was really the only reason we all made it a point to gather together for holidays or events. That doesn't apply for my immediate family, of course.. I continue to talk and keep in contact with my siblings, parents and Uncle Bruce. The rest though... they're just white noise in the background. After seeing how manipulative and selfish they were in regards to my grandma, it just made me dislike them more than I had already.

While many parts of the last few months have been sad or difficult, there has been a lot of good and positive things happening as well.
I was lucky enough to be there to see one of my dearest friends Tre marry her other half, Mike.. who I have loved since the moment I met. The wedding was in Santa Cruz was four days of the most fun I've had in a looong time. I got lucky and joined in with Wendy, Steve, Pixy, Kevin, Sarah and Curtis to roadtrip it in a mini van. The drive was long and a tight squeeze but even that was hilarious and proved to be an awesome time.
We spent a few days there, enjoying the beach, drinking, the boardwalk, more time on the beach, pub crawls (which is still tied in to a close 2nd with the actual wedding) and of course.. the wedding. It was beautiful! Even just seeing Tre had me choked up. The look on Mike's face when he saw her walking down the aisle was what made me lose it (haha.) It was perfect, I would have kicked myself daily if I would have opted not to go due to money issues and drama (my road trip buddy bailed last second so Wen was awesome enough to let me in with their group to get there)

My other vacation a much needed Eddie fix. It had been two years since I last saw him and with his mom getting sick, we'd talked a lot and he kept saying he'd need me more than ever while he deals with it all. I figured I would be much more affective at comforting him and being there if I was actually there, not thousands of miles apart. I flew out on a Wednesday afternoon and stayed through Sunday. At the end of the trip, the last thing in the world I wanted to do was come back to Boise. I just love it there.. The water, the food, all the fun night life stuff that Boise just doesn't have. We spent a day in Atlantic City where we went to this AMAZING Asian French fusion restaurant. It was likely one of the best meals I have ever had, which says a lot. It was dark, with most of the lighting from candles and strings of lights. Perfect. We stayed in a hotel that night and once again, very impressive. It was a corner room with huge windows and looked out to the ocean. The room was massive and waaay better than we had expected. We gambled a little and have a few drinks before heading to the hotel room for the night.

Saturday was spent in New York, which was soo much fun. It was my first time there so Eddie was lovely and went all touristy with me. Went to Pop Tarts World, a little pub for dinner where we got to chatting with our server and she started buying us shots..
It was just a perfect weekend and now that I'm home I find myself thinking about Eddie and together how good we are.

So, that's a rundown of most of my life since.. Just working a lot (shocking) and being boring with the rest of my time.


WAIT! you were in NY and didnt get ahold of me to come visit you int he city!!!!! ::anger face:: LOL. SILLY SILLY GIRL!!!!!