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ooh ahh just a lil' bit

hello grown up Adria!

I am finally in a new apartment and am in love with it. I spent three years at my last place, a studio that was only 200sq.ft with the rent that spiked all the way to 460.00 a month. The new place is amazing! I still live downtown/north end which is pretty much the only place I'll live now... (yeah, I'm a snob. Don't hate me!) It's a one bedroom on the first floor, all hardwood floors, quiet neighbors, lots of storage space, washer and dryer in the basement and I get a garage. A GARAGE!! Garages don't exist for people who live in the north end.. We all just get used to having to park on the street where our cars get exposed to all the elements and once fall hits, covered in sap from all the huge trees everywhere. It's a huge upgrade and my rent here is only 30 dollars more a month.

The couch is pretty ugly.. the fringe hanging all around the bottom isn't helping much either. It was my Grandma's couch and is SUPER comfortable.. I intend to get a slip cover for it eventually.. Luckily it doesn't look super wretched or clash. My best friend Morgan rocks and is going to make me curtains for the huge windows in the front and both windows in my kitchen. I did paint the living room and bedroom both before I moved in because the previous tenant had them looking AWFUL. The bedroom was this melon, bright orange color that hurt your eyes.. and the living room was just a too dark brown for the space. It looks SO much better after all the painting. I have awesome best friends who used their Friday night up helping me paint til 1am. Also friends who spent their Sunday moving boxes around so I could have it all in and sleep my first night here. I almost never hear anyone, it's the best. It's now really starting to feel like home. Life is good.


Super sweet place!! I'm in l love with your bedroom. Be happy and enjoy your lovely new home.
Thank you!!
I LOVE the color of paint I chose for the bedroom. I got lucky, too because I didn't buy a sample, take it home and test it before buying more. I just went and bought the gallons and said "f it" with my fingers crossed it wouldn't look ugly. I am in love with my bedroom.. It's so calm.